Scraping Contracts, Digging Dfid

In an article on the Guardian Data Blog Claire Provost outlined how the recent furore over consultancy spending by the Department for International Development (Dfid) should not be about turning the aid tap off but about making aid work for the donor country. One way to promote development in donor countries is to untie aid, to … Continue Reading →

There’s More Than One Way To Wrangle Data – Recasting with Google, R and Python

Just as facts can be woven in many different ways to produce many different narratives, so data visualisation lends itself to story telling and not just data wrangling. The extra dimension involved in the thing we currently call ‘Data Journalism’, is the fact that there are many different tools with which we weave data into … Continue Reading →

Cancer Countdown

For spinning data, ‘Lifestyle’ articles are the worst. I was sorry to see such an article in The Guardian today (09/08/10). The headline: “British breast cancer rates ‘four times higher than eastern Africa’, says report”. The subheading: “World Cancer Research Fund survey cites lifestyle as reason for difference”. This article is taken straight from a … Continue Reading →