Data Journalism at OKFn Conference 2011

Here are the videos from the Data Journalism stream at the Open Knowledge Conference this year held in Berlin featuring Mirko Lorenz, Simon Rogers and Caelainn Barr amongst others. [OKCon 2011] Mirko Lorenz – Open Data in the newsroom: How should a workflow for data-journalist look like? from Open Knowledge Foundation on Vimeo. [OKCon 2011] Panel: … Continue Reading →

Why Data Needs Journalism and Journalism Needs Data

I’ve come specifically to the Open Knowledge Conference for the track on data journalism (although I’m very interested in the open data scene anyway). It was a call to action more than an educational exposition. Data journalism doesn’t have a set path nor definition which is why there’s a lot of journalism falling under the … Continue Reading →

News Rewired #newsrw

At the Microsoft Centre for the latest News Rewired courtesy of The first thing that strikes me from the day is Joanna Geary pointing out that now business strategy and journalistic code are becoming one entity. Now we can measure our audience we feel we can control our revenue and drive it up. But … Continue Reading →

The web data revolution – a new future for journalism

This event hosted by The Guardian. They say: “The web not only gives easy access to billions of statistics on every matter – from MP’s expenses to the location of every public convenience in the UK – but also provides the tools to visualise said information, giving a clarity of voice and an equality of … Continue Reading →