Data Journalism: The Story So Far

And here’s what Tim Berner-Lee, founder of the internet, said regarding the subject of data journalism: Journalists need to be data-savvy… [it's] going to be about poring over data and equipping yourself with the tools to analyse it and picking out what’s interesting. And keeping it in perspective, helping people out by really seeing where it … Continue Reading →

Open Data Campaigning Camp

Who? This is a fringe event to the E-Campaigning Forum run by Fairsay. Rolf Kleef (Open for Change) and Tim Davies (Practical Participation) are co-ordinating the day in a voluntary capacity, with support from Javier Ruiz (Open Rights Group) What? The Open Data Campaigning Camp will immediately follow the annual E-Campaigning Forum (#ECF11), so will be targeted particularly at campaigners … Continue Reading →

Opening My Mind to Open Data

I recently attended an Open Data Master Class and I would like to share my thoughts, not as an expert but as a novice looking in on the CAR/Hacks Hackers/data journalism embryo. This is really a reflection on the nuggets of advice offered by some chieftains in the global village of data miners. Open is … Continue Reading →

Open Data Master Class

I’ll be at this event all day tomorrow so expect your weekly diet of data, journalism and Gov 2.0. Here’s the blurb: “The past few months have seen a number of high profile announcements on the release of central and local government data for free. The Prime Minister launched the portal to ‘open up … Continue Reading →