The Big Picture

The Big Challenge: The final outcome of the Knight-Mozilla learning lab is a one to two page (800 to 1,000 words max) proposal – that includes a “show and sell” pitch, design document and business brief – for a software product to be integrated into a news organization. Build upon an idea you submitted as … Continue Reading →

Journalism: To Learn, to Teach, to Know

So I say this is a journey, I say this is an experiment. In that case this blog is my journal/lab book. I am coming up to the end of the Knight-Mozilla Learning Lab and you’ll read my proposal shortly. Although it wasn’t coding-led, it did highlight the importance of coding for the future of … Continue Reading →

Online News: Geeky Guidance

I’m over the half-way through the Knight Mozilla Learning Lab with lofty goals of changing the way we experience news online. I came up with my idea after filming a rant by my friend and colleague. I threw down something very quickly on paper and have since made wire frame mock-ups using MockFlow (thanks Chris … Continue Reading →

Online News: The Big Picture

Here’s a video of my friend Francis saying how online news is s**t. He started giving out so, having a background in broadcast journalism, I filmed him for the purpose of the Knight-Mozilla News Challenge. Now Francis doesn’t have a TV or radio and doesn’t read the newspaper (he gets The Economist). For daily news, … Continue Reading →

Back to University – sort of…

I thoroughly enjoy pottering along to hack days, workshops, meet-ups and data journalism camps. Anywhere that brings developers and journalists together is the place to be. The underlying trend I find in attendance (besides developers) is freelance journalists and teachers (university and industry). Now I love learning a bit too much having spent far too … Continue Reading →