A Layout For All Your Data Driven Journalism Projects

I do the hard work so you don’t have to! In fact, I need to do it for me. If I am to find my scripts and organize them, I need to structure my project at the start and keep to a standard layout for all my projects.

So I’ve made a GitHub repository called skel (for skeleton) for all data driven journalism projects. Whenever I have a new project, I’ll make a zipped copy of the skel folder without git (see pdf instructions below), giving it the project name and build up my scripts and data in the various folders.

skel contains the vagrant I talked about in my last post so it has iPython, BeautifulSoup, MySQL and Elasticsearch. With every project iteration I will be adding to the vargrant (and possibly repackaging it) and refactoring my skel repository. So if you a journalist interested in data projects, get on GitHub, clone the repository and watch it for any updates. Below is my very simple guide to using GitHub for non-developers:

How to Use GitHub

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