Data Journalism at OKFn Conference 2011

Here are the videos from the Data Journalism stream at the Open Knowledge Conference this year held in Berlin featuring Mirko Lorenz, Simon Rogers and Caelainn Barr amongst others. [OKCon 2011] Mirko Lorenz – Open Data in the newsroom: How should a workflow for data-journalist look like? from Open Knowledge Foundation on Vimeo. [OKCon 2011] Panel: … Continue Reading →

Coding Update – get the data out there

Just to let you know that the Twitter account @Scrape_No10 which tweets out ministers’, special advisers’ and permanent secretaries’ meetings, gifts and hospitalities is back up and tweeting. You can read the post about its creation here and download all the data the account contains. This account needs more coding maintenance than the @OJCstatements account … Continue Reading →

Data Journalism Opportunities in the Real World

Just a couple of notices regarding journalism skills to be got in the real world, not just the virtual. HacksHackers London meetup tomorrow on their 1 year anniversary. Be there or be an equilateral quadrangle. Speakers include Alec Muffett from Green Lane Security and Martin Belam from The Guardian. Stanford University School of Engineering are … Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things for getting Started in Data Journalism

Although “data journalism” can encompass infographics, interactives, web apps, FOI, databases and a whole host of other numbering, coding, displaying techniques; the road less travelled-by has certain steps, turns and speed bumps. In that sense, here’s a list of things to tick off if you’re interested in going down the data journalism road: Know the … Continue Reading →

The Big Picture

The Big Challenge: The final outcome of the Knight-Mozilla learning lab is a one to two page (800 to 1,000 words max) proposal – that includes a “show and sell” pitch, design document and business brief – for a software product to be integrated into a news organization. Build upon an idea you submitted as … Continue Reading →

Journalism: To Learn, to Teach, to Know

So I say this is a journey, I say this is an experiment. In that case this blog is my journal/lab book. I am coming up to the end of the Knight-Mozilla Learning Lab and you’ll read my proposal shortly. Although it wasn’t coding-led, it did highlight the importance of coding for the future of … Continue Reading →